How to get Pastel Pink Hair

how to get pastel pink hair

What am I doing today you ask? Well I’m dying my hair pink, pastel pink.


For already light blonde hair:
-Mixing bowl
-Hair color brush/applicator
-Cheap conditioner (white in color)
-Colored dye of your preference (Manic Panic or Special Effects. I recommend Special Effects because it lasts longer, but Manic Panic works as well. So if you’re using a Manic Panic pink dye you might have to use more color.)

Darker hair:
-30 volume developer (30 lifts 3 hair color levels, 20 lifts 2. Unless your hair is already blonde I’d use a 30.)
-Hair bleach powder
-Mixing bowl
-Hair color brush/applicator
-Cheap conditioner (white in color)
-Colored dye of your preference (Manic Panic or Special Effects. I recommend Special Effects cause it lasts longer, but Manic Panic works as well.)

-Mixed pastel dye works best on light hair.
-Wash hair in cool water to maintain color.
-Put a bit of colored dye into your regular conditioner for upkeep.
-Use dry shampoo instead of washing super often if you want your color to last longer.
-If the color you achieved is darker than you wanted, you can always wash it a few times until you reach desired level of color.
-If you want color to last longer, dye it a bit darker than you intended (if you’re okay with a darker pastel) so it will take longer to wash out.
-I have done this to both dry and wet hair and the results are the same.

Note: I will only be going over how to get pastel hair on already light blonde/white hair.

Step 1. Gather all materials
Make sure you have a white conditioner, a mixing bowl, gloves, an applicator, and hair dye of choice.

Step 2. Pour conditioner into bowl
Generally I eyeball the amount I will need and it’s better to have more color to work with than not enough. You be the judge! Make sure you take your hair length into consideration. I generally fill my standard sized mixing bowl near the top.

Step 3. Add your color
Slowly add the desired color into the conditioner and mix. You do not have to use a lot of dye since you are hoping to achieve a pastel. For the most part, the color you make in the bowl is the color that you will come out on your hair. However, if you want it to last longer, mix the dye a slight shade darker. You can always do a test strip on your hair to test out if the color lasts and if it’s the desired level of color. The great part about using Manic Panic or Special Effects is that they are semi-permanent, and if you’re not happy with the outcome you can wash it out or dye over it with another color.

Step 4. Apply color
It’s a good idea to have someone else apply the color because they will be able to spot places at the back of your head that you may miss, but I always do my own hair and have for years. Make sure you start at your roots (if you are applying an all over color) and then apply to the length of your hair. Work the color in using your fingers but try not to remove the dye from your hair while doing this. If you want to, use your hands (in fact it’s better if you do!). It’s way easier to work the color into your hair using your fingers, just make sure you’re wearing gloves.

I usually leave it on my hair for half an hour to an hour, and the color looks great. It really all depends on how light you want it. (If you want your hair to be lighter and wash out faster, don’t leave it on for as long, but if you’re okay with it being darker then leave it on for longer.) Another great thing about these dyes is that there are no harsh chemicals so you can leave it on your hair without damaging it.

Step 5. Rinse
You could always take a strand of hair and wash the dye off of it to see if it’s the color you want. If it is, then get to washing, but if it’s too light then leave it on longer. You don’t have to use shampoo or conditioner to wash it, just wash the mix out using cool water. Your hair will feel super soft from all the conditioner, an added bonus.
Remember, wet hair always looks darker than it actually is. You could either let it air dry, or if you’re too impatient you could use a blow dryer to see your results. If you feel like your hair is looking a little uneven, you can always reapply the dye right away to stubborn areas because as I mentioned before, there are no harsh chemicals. In my experience my hair has only come out uneven one time and that is because it had been poorly applied.

Step 6. Keep up your new look
As mentioned in the tips above, whenever you wash your hair make sure you use cool water, and put some of the dye (or any leftover mix) into your conditioner to help with upkeep.

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