Professional 12 Set Makeup Brush Kit From Petunia Skincare | Review



What I say:

The Professional 12 Set Make Up Brush Kit from Petunia Skincare came in a nice fold-up pouch for easier organization. It’s also useful specially when I travel because it’s easier to bring. It folds up to this little cute pouch which doesn’t look like a make-up brush holder. It has a nice black, sleek design and has two magnetic snaps to keep the bag close.

The set includes the following make-up brushes:

Powder brush

Blush brush

Foundation brush

Eyeshadow brush

Smudge brush

Fan brush

Concealer brush

Eyebrow brush

Eyeliner brush

Sponge applicator

Lip brush

Spoolie brush



One of my personal favorite in this set is the eyeliner brush because it’s super thin. I can accurately apply a thin eyeliner on just the base of my upper lashes for the no make-up/barely there look. This also helps me create a perfect cat-eye look because I can easily control the thickness of the cat-eye I wanted to do.

The brushes are so soft and I love how they don’t irritate my skin. They’re very easy to clean and the brushes doesn’t come off when I was them. The individual brush guard help my brushes to stay in tact.

I also love the flyer which came with the brushes. It has a picture of each of the brush, a brief description of what the brushes are made of and how they’re used. Honestly, I realized I was using one or two of my brushes wrong! So, for first time make-up enthusiasts, the flyer is a great way to learn more about the different types and uses of these make-up brushes.

What I like about these brushes is that I can easily blend and apply make-up without worrying about the other make-up pigments sticking to the brushes. I don’t have to clean each and every brush every time I use a different color or shade of color specially on my eye lids. It would be a complete hassle if I need to clean the brushes every time I try use a different color or shade of eye make-up.

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