Petunia Skincare 1.00mm 540 Needle Derma Roller | Review



What I say:

It has made such a difference in the appearance of my skin.  Derma rolling creates multi micro-channels in the skin, allowing products to penetrate the skin at a deeper application than just surface application. Regardless of what products you are currently using, I highly advice getting one of these to make the most of your money.  Why would you just want to put products you are buying on the first layer of your skin?

It isn’t recommended to derma roll every day , I derma rolled right before bed twice a week. At first, I was very scared to derma roll since I have a big fear of needles but after doing it a couple of times, I really got the hang of it. It caused my skin to turn pink for 15-20 minutes after rolling. However, I’ve noticed that my skin is much clearer, bright, and blemish free.

Derma rolling can help with the following skin problems:

Acne scarring

Deep scars and stretch marks

Sagging skin

Wrinkles and fine lines

Bumpy dimply skin

You can derma roll any part of your body as well.

For more information on Petunia Skincare 1.00mm 540 Needle Derma Roller and to purchase, click here.

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