BIG (Little) News

positive pregnancy test

    If that doesn’t tell you what this post is about…

So I’ve urinated on the stick and lo and behold, there were two lines staring back at me!

Wait…what? For real?!

I couldn’t have been thrilled and happy and nervous…

Two years ago I suffered two miscarriages, back to back and I tried for two long years to conceive.

I already had three of the most beautiful, healthy and amazing children. And after the birth of my youngest, I felt whole. I felt our family was complete…until I got pregnant again. Then my mind and heart were filled with “Was it a boy or girl?”, “Who would it have looked liked?”, “What type of personality would it have had?” All those questions I had, with no answers.

And now two years later, two little pink lines.

And the feelings of being scared that I would have to relive that heartache all over again swept over me.  But here I am, about to enter my second trimester in a few days.

6 weeks 5 days ultrasound

6 weeks and 5 days ultrasound

7 weeks 6 days ultrasound

7 weeks and 6 days ultrasound

11 weeks 1 day ultrasound

11 weeks and 1 day ultrasound

My pregnancy isn’t without complications, after a big bleed and going to the ER, they found a Subchorionic Hemorrhage. You can see a small  portion of mine to the right on the above image. Right now, it’s size is a little over 5cm. After a second big bleed, they found Venous Lakes (on the left side of the image) and Placenta Calcification.

At this point, all I can do is worry, rest and wait. But my little one is hanging in there and is thriving .

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