“If you only had five minutes left to live, would you spend it unhappy?” | Thoughtful Thursday

“If you only had five minutes left to live, would you spend it unhappy?”

I am at a point in my life where I can truly say I am happy. Not saying it was easy or wasn’t a lot of work to get here and the everyday wear and tear of life aren’t tough at times, 36 years of hard work, but I am here and I am happy.

Trying to be everything to everyone and pleasing everyone doesn’t work, so I stopped.

You. Yes, YOU, STOP! You will be so much happier once you do. I promise.

They will only hurt your feelings if you allow them.

Let them say what they are going to say. Can you stop it? No. Can you control them? No.

It isn’t what people call you, it’s what you respond to.

Silence is an answer too.

People will always try and suck you into (or back in) their drama or misery if you allow them too.

Misery loves company.

Bottom line? I didn’t change, even though some might say I did. I found myself. I found my voice. I stopped allowing others to walk all over me. I stopped living my life for others and started living my life for myself. I stopped surrounding myself with toxic people. I stopped listening to the negativity and being included in it.

Old habits are hard to break. It takes time. But you can and will get there.

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