Four Egg Masks for Tighter Skin

four egg masks for tighter skin curiouscribbles

egg whites are extremely effective in tightening your skin and shrinking your pores. when using eggs in facials, it can show significant reduction in appearance of fine lines and restores elasticity to your skin.

1. egg whites and honey

mix one egg white and one tablespoon and honey together thoroughly. apply to both face and neck. wait for fifteen minutes and rinse with cool water.

this mask tones and hydrates your skin.

2. egg white and yogurt

mix one egg white and one spoonful of yogurt thoroughly. add 1/2 teaspoon of brown sugar. add mask to face and neck and massage gently into skin for five minutes. allow mask to rest and rise with cool water.

this mask is great for exfoliating and tightening loose skin.

3. egg white and oatmeal

whip the white of one egg and two spoons of oatmeal. make a paste and apply to face. wait twenty minutes and rinse.

this mask is a natural face lift.

4. egg white and lemon juice

mix one egg white and 2 teaspoons lemon juice. add a few drops of honey. whisk into a frothy mixture and apply on face and neck. wait 30 minutes and rinse.

lemon is amazing for removing dark spots and excess oil, egg firms skin and honey helps restore lost moisture.

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