SoCozy Children’s Hair Care Line | Product Review

A short while ago, I introduced you to SoCozy hair products by Cozy Friedman.  Now available at Target, the SoCozy line of salon formula hair products is made just for kids.

About the Brand

Raising kids is hard, taking care of their hair shouldn’t be. For Cozy Friedman, it’s always been about identifying problems and solving them. And so, began her journey. What started with an innovative idea to open a salon just for kids, has grown into the nationally-recognized SoCozy brand of salon-quality hair care products developed specifically for kids’. Made from the finest ingredients with absolutely no nasty chemicals, every SoCozy product boasts multiple uses to streamline bath time and calm those hectic mornings of getting the kids out the door.

Cozy’s always celebrated kids being kids, and embraced the realness of being a parent. Thus, each of her endeavors—from her first salon to bestselling book, Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girls’ Hair, to every bottle of shampoo, detangler, or styler—began with the same formula: listening, researching, committing to excellence, and creating something that makes life with kids easier. The first bottles were distributed from Cozy’s basement. Today, SoCozy can be found at Target, CVS, and Walgreens amongst others. Plus, Cozy’s advice and how-to videos on and SoCozy’s social channels provide helpful, interactive content addressing everything from mastering braids, to keeping lice at bay.

(And yes, that’s her real name.)

About the Product

All of SoCozy products were built on our four core values:

1. So Smart. We believe knowledge is power, which is why education is at our core – the pulse of our brand. Advice, solutions, tips, trends – we serve as an extensive resource for moms, kids, stylists and salon owners.

2. So Safe. No nasties in here; just good, clean, honest formulations with ingredients that perform at the highest level. Safe and effective – and completely non-toxic – it’s great hair minus the harsh chemicals.
Made without parabens, formaldehyde, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic color, propylene glycol. Free of alcohol, gluten, wheat, peanuts and tree nuts.

3. So Easy. Because being a parent isn’t always easy, we make haircare that is: simple, fun, multi-functional products that streamline tub time, as well as solutions targeting specific hair concerns to make styling a snap.

4. So Cool. Take a strand. Through our products, website, social channels and unique collaborations, we encourage and support individuality. All kids, any hair type – we make it our mission to build confidence and inspire originality. Being you is our idea of cool.

My daughter has long, thickish hair when we first started using SoCozy.  Her long hair was extremely tangly and required a lot of extra care to maintain.  With the SoCozy hair routine (3 in 1 Shampoo, Detangler and Styling Cream)  it literally cut down on combing out tangles by more than 75%!  I would often spend several minutes sectioning her hair and carefully combing out the monstrous tangles.
First we start with the SoCozy 3 in 1 Shampoo, Conditioner & Wash in mango-go. This was perfect, with no second or third steps required to get her hair clean. One simple step and she was done.
Next we moved onto SoCozy Detangler in fruity-tutti, and yes it was desperately needed because my daughters hair seems to tangle around itself almost instantly. We simply used the detangler with a wide tooth comb and the comb just glides through like magic.
While her hair was still damp we used a tiny bit of SoCozy Styling Cream. It helps smooth her hair out, which she loves.
SoCozy motto: “Red hair, short hair, pink, curly hair. Being you is SoCozy’s idea of cool. Be you!”  Promoting confidence in being yourself is just the right thing for kids.  As a mom, I am thrilled that there are salon-quality products available with  “NO NASTIES NO JOKE” and that’s the truth, you can feel awesome using SoCozy on your children with good ingredients.
For more information on SoCozy, click here.
(Sponsored post, but all opinions and thoughts are my own)

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