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I had the chance to review the Hask Greek Yogurt with Hydrating Fig and Honey, which can be found exclusively at Walgreens. The products in this collection have dual components to each product. The shampoo and conditioner both have a dual chamber delivery system – the inner formula is Greek yogurt, which is packed with protein, calcium, minerals, potassium, and vitamins. The outer formula contains essential fruit ingredients, which differs in each of the product lines (there are three). Once squeezed, the inner Greek yogurt formula and outer fruit extract blend together to provide a perfect mixture of ingredients that leave your hair feeling AMAZING.

About the Product
Looking for an indulgent, yet beneficial shower experience?
Look no further than the new HASK Greek Yogurt collection of shampoos, conditioners and deep conditioners. We’ve bottled up rich Greek yogurt and infused it with essential fruit extracts to create a formula that instantly feeds your hair with moisture and floods your senses with delicious fragrances – we promise this isn’t mythology!
Featuring an advanced dispensing system, HASK Greek Yogurt provides a user experience like no other. Each product in the collection features a dual chamber delivery system – the inner formula is Greek yogurt, which is packed with protein, calcium, minerals, potassium and vitamins. The outer formula contains essential fruit ingredients to give your hair the benefits it craves! Once squeezed, the inner Greek yogurt formula and outer fruit extract blend together to provide a perfect mixture of ingredients that leave you with hair fit for a goddess. If nourishing, moisturizing ingredients weren’t enough, HASK has gone one step further to address three of your biggest hair concerns with infusions of delectable fruit extracts.
As part of the Greek Yogurt with Fig & Honey Hydrating Collection, I received the shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioner. This is the collection I was hoping to receive, because fig and honey both have such amazing benefits.
Figs are rich in vitamins which provide weightless nourishment for your hair.
Honey is packed with nutrients to leave hair with a glossy shine.

Greek yogurt is filled with so many good-for-your-hair benefits, with calcium, potassium, and vitamins to nourish and moisturize the hair.

The combination of the ingredients in this formula is supposed to help hydrate, nourish, and restore dehydrated hair to its natural beauty.
Greek Yogurt with Fig & Honey Shampoo ($7.49 for 8.25oz / 240ml)-There is an inner tube which holds the greek yogurt, and an outer tube that holds the honey and fig. Once squeezed, the two mix together to form a hydrating, nutrient rich formula to help restore your locks to their former glory. All of the products in this line are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, gluten, and drying alcohol. None of their products are tested on animals, either.
The combination of Greek yogurt and honey, gave my hair the perfect amount of hydration, cleansing all the oils from my hair while leaving it feeling soft, silky, and lightweight. The scent is also positively yummy – rich honey with a hint of fig, not at all overwhelming or artificial. After using this shampoo for about a week, I can definitely say that my hair is no worse for wear – in fact, it’s soft, shiny, and seems a lot less weighed down, and I can get away with washing my hair every other day instead of daily, something that makes me an immediate fan of this shampoo. It’s not drying whatsoever, and lathers very well.
Greek Yogurt with Fig & Honey Conditioner ($7.49 for 8.25oz / 240ml) – The second product I received is the conditioner, which has the same fig and honey. Surprisingly, the formula is incredibly thick and rich; I only need to use about half of what I normally use. It has the same scrumptious scent as the shampoo, and has swirls of the same honey/fig formula. I usually wash and condition my hair first thing when I shower, so the conditioner has time to set while I wash my face, body, shave, etc, which is usually anywhere from 10-15 minutes.
Rich and moisturizing but still lightweight, it makes my oily, dehydrated hair sleek, shiny and soft without weighing it down. Since I only need a small amount , I can see this tube lasting a long time. Conditioner is the product I have the most trouble with when it comes to hair care – most conditioners either weigh down my hair and make it look oily faster, or do the opposite and dry out my hair completely. Overall, this conditioner supplies a good balance of moisture and hydration, and helps keep my hair shiny and frizz-free.
Greek Yogurt with Fig & Honey Deep Conditioner ($2.99 for 1.8oz / 53g) – This deep conditioner is the last product I received from Hask. It doesn’t seem to be sold online, and pricing varies by store, but my local Walgreens has them for about $3 each.  Hask’s deep conditioners are available in three unique formulas: Hydrating, Repairing, and Color Protection.
This packet is honestly huge – a whopping 1.8oz – so I’ve used this twice already and still have more than half the packet left. It has a thicker consistency than the conditioner, and has that warm honey/fig scent as the rest of the line. I took a small amount (twice the size of a quarter) and applied this from the middle of my hair down, focusing on dry ends. After about 5 minutes, it rinsed away clean, and my hair definitely felt softer and looked less dry/straggly near the ends. While I’m not a huge fan of deep conditioners, this is one I would probably repurchase for those times when my hair desperately needs a moisture/hydration boost, since it seems to tackle dry ends with relative ease. While I don’t personally dye my hair at the moment, this would also be a fabulous all-over deep conditioning treatment for those with dry/brittle hair or hair that is damaged from dyes, hot tools, etc.
If you’d like to try out the rest of the Hask Greek Yogurt Collections, head on over to your local Walgreens – they’re sold exclusively there.
Greek Yogurt Collections from HASK, click here.
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