I am a mother. A mother of four.  Not saying being a mother is my excuse, but it kinda is that throughout the years, little by little, I (kinda) stopped caring about my appearance and put little, to no effort, into how I look. I do the basics, get my hair cut, color, maintain my eyebrows, but that’s pretty much as far as goes. On occasion, I do actually brush my hair and use a bit of mascara.

My challenge to myself is to start putting effort back into my appearance. Now I’m not saying full make-up, hair and heels everyday, but being more put together. My Pinterest Board of Fashion Inspiration isn’t all that glam. It’s woman wearing pretty much what I already have in my closet, dark skinny jeans, white tees, cute flats, but it’s how  they are wearing them, with purpose. I’m a no fuss, no muss kinda kinda girl, and I do like to get all pretty every once and awhile, but I don’t just have two hours, nor do I want to spend on my appearance to run errands and clean house. But putting on just a little bit of mascara does wonders for how I feel about myself and straightening hair (which is a chore in it self, but with the help of dry shampoo…).


I’ve also started working-out(ish) for the past three weeks. Nothing to extreme, just squats and yoga. Another thing to help me feel better about the way I look, even I’m not seeing results yet, I’m doing something.


I look in the mirror and don’t like what I see and complain about the way I look, but no one can change how I look or feel, but  me.


I’m also going to hold myself accountable and document my progress and update on here with weekly posts, images, as well to my Instagram and Snapchat.

Hope you follow me along this journey


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