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evian®, yes the same brand that produces the drinking water, came up with a beauty product that is just as refreshing…a facial spray! It is not only to refresh or cool down your face in the summer heat but it has many different purposes all in one canister. Clean up messy and sticky faces and hands, help sooth diaper rash while changing the diaper, clean up a dirty cut while your at the playground, styling and brushing hair, heck I even used used it to rinse out my little one’s mouth out when she got a mouth full of sand. It is pure and gentle, leak-proof, so no messes in the diaper bag.

And for you momma’s out there…

This product has so many multi-usages, because it’s made with water! With it’s light mist, evian® Facial Spray hydrates, tones, and refreshes skin throughout the day. It’s compatible with all skin types. Clinical studies showcases that overtime using this produce will improve better skin hydration, noted pure and healthier skin, reported softer feel, and felt relieved of tightness of skin.As a beauty blogger I am loving this product. I can fit this in my purse and mist my face to refresh my makeup sporadically while I am out and about. It is really like having a spray can of bottle water readily available so that is  great perk to have in my purse. I think this will also work great in the heated months ahead if I need an additional mist of cool water on hand. Now what is also interesting is you can even use this on your hair to reboost strands.


evian® Facial Spray cares for skin on a daily basis with all the purity of  natural mineral water.The origins of evian® Natural Mineral Water dates back to thousands of years and have been proven to be a geological phenomenon from the French Alps. Dermatogically-tested, with a unique balance of minerals and a neutral pH, this spray is the ideal partner for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

So from drinking water to beauty water…I am impressed with it. Water is one of the best beauty products to have, they always say drink plenty of water for clearer skin, but hey you can have outward uses on water too! Definitely try it – water is always replenishing and nourishing and love having this as a new beauty item and baby care item.

Learn more about evian® Facial Spray here evianspray.com

(Sponsored post, but all opinions and thoughts are my own)

3 lucky winners will receive a Skip Hop Duo Signature diaper bag, in Heather Grey filled with a 10oz, 5oz, and a trio of travel sized evian facial sprays!

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