e.l.f. Maximum Coverage Concealer and Wrinkle Refiner | Review


e.l.f. Wrinkle Refiner

This product surprisingly does what it claims and is definitely worth a try, but it can be a hassle to use.

This product is best used AFTER you have applied your makeup. AFTER primer, foundation, concealer, or whatever else you else, THEN you apply this product and gently pat it into the wrinkles using your finger with a patting motion. If you apply this under your makeup, you get a mess. If you rub this product when applying it over your product, the color of your makeup will lighten and become a splotchy mess. It feels really smooth when applying. It almost blurs and creates an airbrushed finish.

Make sure to pat this on AFTER you have applied your makeup. I can’t stress the “patting” enough. If you rub,it will become a flaky mess. Also, try to avoid touching your face. You would not want it to flake on your face and ruin your makeup. Make sure you take the time to test the product at home, without having to go anywhere, just check how it applies, how the product works with your makeup, if your makeup changes colors, etc. It does fill in wrinkles like it says. I personally don’t like how it flakes when I rub my skin, so for me that makes this product so-so. But because it works, I will recommend this product.

e.l.f wrinkle reducer

e.l.f. Wrinkle Reducer

$3.00 Size .162 oz

e.l.f Maximum Coverage Concealer

This concealer is actually quite creamy and thick almost as thick as some foundations out there, but not too thick.
It feels really smooth on the skin and to be honest takes very little effort to blend out.
I have found just a pea sized amount is more than enough to do each under eye area.
This takes very little effort to apply so you can either use your finger tips or sometimes
I used Porcelain for my under eye area as its a little bit on the lighter side and perfect for brightening up and
I used Sand for my blemishes or anything else I need to cover up. I am on the pale side and it’s a perfect match for the rest of my face.
It does not soak into any fine lines or blemishes you have and it did amazing at covering my dark circles and blemishes. Just set with some translucent powder and it lasts all day. This product also gets a thumbs-up and certainly recommend you try it for yourself.
e.l.f maximum coverage concealer
e.l.f. Maximum Coverage Concealer: Porcelain
$3.oo Size 0.7 oz
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e.l.f. wrinkle reducer maximum coverage concealer
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